Excellent service. Always.

Belton IT provides an extremely talented pool of IT experts and make them available to your business for a fee. This can be just for one issue - or on an ongoing basis. 

We love IT and we will watch over your technology platforms to ensure they are meeting the needs of your staff and requirements of your business.

At Belton IT we have over 60 experts specialising in all areas of IT, from hardware to security. You can be confident that with 14 years operating as one of New Zealand's leading IT companies, we know what we are doing. 

Hundreds of happy and successful businesses can’t be wrong.
Excellent service. Always. 

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Belton IT Nexus is a leading IT solutions business providing robust and resilient IT solutions for New Zealand businesses and has been doing so since 2004.

Solutions For You
As a client, you have full use of our entire team. Each issue, job or project is worked on by the most appropriate resource, backed up by the team dedicated to your business. Belton IT understands the need for real-time support and the importance for that support to be from knowledgeable staff.