Networking and Security

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AntiVirus Software

Antivirus software protects your computer from malicious software that could wipe out your data, access confidential information and wreck havoc with your business dealings.

We recommend:
ESET NOD32 provides top-level protection against viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware. Recommended by leading security experts, it’s the only security product that has never missed an in-the-wild virus in 7+ years of testing by leading independent virus research authority Virus Bulletin Magazine [UK].

  • Most secure and effective solution on the market - has the best detection record of any anti-threat product.
  • Fastest growing customer-base of any anti-threat product.
  • Easy to setup and use, with free phone and email support available to all registered users.
  • Flexible and scalable – effective for single users to large corporates.
  • Proactive against unknown threats. Integrated ThreatSense® technology reacts to potential new threats, before it’s too late.
  • Won’t slow your computer down. ESET NOD32 requires less memory and CPU power than other products.
  • Your stealth weapon against viruses. Lightening fast scanning, yet so quiet you’ll forget it’s even there.

NOD32 is available for just $62.40 + GST per computer, on a 12-month subscription. A discount applies when five or more licenses are purchased.

Email Spam Filtering

Protect your email communications from unsolicited emails, scams, phishing and fraud. We use the proven technologies of Cisco® IronPort Anti-Spam to remove up to 99.5% of spam and safeguard your emails from known and emerging threats – while ensuring your genuine messages are delivered as normal.

Benefits of our spam filtering service:

-  24/7-managed email service, monitored by our Helpdesk.
- Reduces the risk from targeted 'phishing' emails.
- Eliminates the need to set up rules to handle spam
- Easy to set up, no training required.
- We can help you combat spam and unwanted email from as little as $4 a month per user

Routers, Switches & Networking Equipment

We take care of all your networking and security hardware needs.

We configure, install and manage a wide range of networking and security hardware from leading brand manufacturers like Fortinet, Juniper, Cisco, DrayTek, HP and IBM. 

Most IT companies simply install this equipment, we install, configure, test and then deploy security solutions in a way that ensures your critical information is protected. 

We then monitor, update and change these products as required to meet the changing needs of your business and the complex security IT landscape. 

However, if talking complex switches and routers is right up your alley, feel free to give a member of our senior technical team a call on 0800 Belton (235866).